Armstrong Senior Care

About Me

Julie Armstrong

Certified Recreation Therapist Specializing in Memory Care

I have been working in the recreation and retirement industry since 2014. I began my recreation therapy journey at Fanshawe College in the Leisure & Recreation Services program where I recognized my passion for working with older individuals in recreation. After graduation, I worked in a Retirement Living Community, running daily programs and exercises. The Executive Director recognized me for my skills and passion for working with residents with memory impairments and created their first-ever Dementia Day Care Program. I wanted to further increase my knowledge, skills, and passion in recreation therapy and gerontology. I went on to attend Dalhousie University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation. While in school I continued to practice recreation therapy in a Retirement Living Community and in mental health facilities with Nova Scotia Health Authority.

After graduation, I moved to Calgary and worked in a Supportive Living & Memory Care unit for residents experiencing cognitive decline & dementia. While there, I recognized the importance of private recreation therapy services, as many older adults with memory deficits benefit from tailored one-to-one recreation programs whether that be at home or in the community. Armstrong Senior Care Services helps our clients maintain their independence, improve their overall health and happiness, and foster positive relationships with their families and care partners. 

Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation

Dalhousie University

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS)

National Council of Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC)

Leisure & Recreation Services Diploma

Fanshawe College

Alberta Blue Cross

Registered Service Provider

Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association

Professional Member

Success Stories

"I have seen firsthand the passion, creativity, and quality of programs Julie puts into her recreation therapy services. She took the time to get to know my grandmother and worked closely with our family to provide my grandmother with recreational programs that interest her but also worked with her limitations and needs. Julie is very empathetic, caring, and understanding. Her enthusiasm is contagious and everyone looked forward to her programs. Thanks again for all the work you do!"
Caroline Lyster
"Julie is an extremely caring, encouraging and dedicated professional who has an ability to engage seniors. I was able to witness her work with my mother-in-law. She helped build her confidence to participate in activities that she wouldn’t have otherwise. I was also able to watch Julie work with residents with significant memory impairment. She showed great respect and such a caring manner to these individuals and brought them such joy. Julie has a special gift for working with our seniors. Their faces light up when she is with them."
Carolyn Whiskin
"I have known Julie Armstrong for three years. As a resident, I was able to attend and benefit from her programs. The programs she ran included daytime activities for residents who have cognitive decline and short-term memory difficulties which my wife benefited from. She organized and managed several different types of classes, gym exercises, indoor games, aquatic activities, and crafts. Julie has been a dependable, effective, and personable member of the staff whom I have enjoyed interacting with. She has my highest recommendation."
G.P. Sweeny M.D.